Visiting professors and students from East Carolina University, USA – UdA, Chieti (Italy)

Partner: BIND-UdA || 27 May 2015

On 27 May 2015 Prof. Maurizio Bertollo organized a Seminar on “Physical activity and Lifestyle during lifespan: Italian policy and interventions” at the University “G. d’Annunzio” of Chieti on the occasion of the visit of a group of professors and students from the College of Health and Human Performance, East Carolina University, Greenville, South Carolina, USA. The seminar was devoted to explore the various benefits of Physical activity and Lifestyle during lifespan (download the flyer here).
On that occasion, Prof. Silvia Comani gave a talk on “Social neuroscience: the neural fingerprints of motor interactions” at the end of which she presented the ANDREA Project, its aims, activities, preliminary results and foreseen impacts. In particular, Prof. Comani focused on the potential impact of the use of dry electrode EEG caps in sport neuroscience applications. The general impression was that all professors and students were very interested in the new technologies developed within ANDREA and in their potential impact in sport neuroscience.