The ANDREA workplan consists of:

Research WPs:

WP 1
Optimization of the metallization procedure for the electrodes

Objective: Development of Ag/AgCl coatings for the dry electrodes

WP 2
Design and system engineering of the dry electrode cap

Objective: Development and system engineering of electrode substrate, preamplification electronics and positioning mechanism for a reliable dry electrode cap system

WP 3
Conversion of the simulated preamplifier circuit to hardware

Objective: Based on WP2 results develop, assemble and test miniaturized EEG-preamplification electronics designed for integration in an EEG cap

WP 4
Fusion of developed technologies into a single electrode cap system

Objective: Based on all functional modules developed in WP1, WP2 and WP3, create an integrated EEG cap solution that is fully functional as a standalone recording device

WP 5
Practical tests of the demonstration platform

Objective: Based on various functional prototypes resulting from WP8, combine the hardware solution with EEG recording software and run practical EEG and related tests

WP 6
Validation of demonstrators in adult endurance athletes/h5>

Objective: To assess the performance of the demonstrators in endurance athletes with respect to muscle, ECG, respiration, skin and motion artefacts

WP 7
Validation of demonstrators in adult neurological populations

Objective: To assess the performance of the demonstrators in neurological patients, i.e. for rapid montage, easiness of acquisition, and low electrode’s impedance, as well as in the presence electronic interferences due to other instrumentation

WP 8
Software tools for the evaluation of the demonstrators’ signal quality

Objective: To develop a software toolbox to automatically classify and remove the physiological/environmental artefacts and electronic interferences from the EEG signals acquired with the demonstrators

Transfer of knowledge:

WP 9
Transfer of knowledge activities within the ANDREA consortium

Objective: To perform specific actions (other than secondments, recruitments, meetings of the Supervisory Board, and forums on the ANDREA website) dedicated to realize the planned Transfer of Knowledge among the ANDREA partners.

Management of the ANDREA programme:

WP 10
Management of the ANDREA programme

Objective: To manage all organizational aspects of the ANDREA project (financial management, recruitment of ERs, project monitoring, risk control, networking).

Dissemination of ANDREA results toward the specialist public:

WP 11
Dissemination of ANDREA results toward the specialist public

Objective: To take specific actions to disseminate the project results toward the specialist public: presentation at national and international conferences, exhibitions at national and international fairs, Final ANDREA Conference.

Dissemination of ANDREA results toward the general public:

WP 12
Dissemination of ANDREA results toward the general public

Objective: To realize a number of outreach activities aiming at disseminating the results of the ANDREA project toward the general public, in particular health care professionals, students from high schools and university, and the general population who might benefit from the use of the novel technology.