Silvia Comani

Prof. Silvia Comani, PhD, Head of the BIND Center, is an internationally recognized expert in biomedical signals analysis, particularly Independent Component Analysis, and bioelectromagnetic data acquisition and processing in clinical and non clinical studies.

Maurizio Bertollo

Prof. Maurizio Bertollo, PhD, is a sport psycho-physiologist dedicated to physiological measurements to assess perfomance in elite athletes.

Gabriella Tamburro

Dr. Gabriella Tamburro, PhD, is an electronic engineer expert in the development of biomagnetic and bioelectric systems, their application in clinical and non clinical studies, and biomedical signal processing.

Edson Filho

Dr. Edson Filho, PhD, Sport Psychology on Neuroscience and Psychophysiology

David Brian Stone

Dr. David Brian Stone, PhD, is a psychologist expert in neuroscience studies aiming to explore the relationship between brain and behavior performed using advanced neuroimaging techniques such as EEG and MEG. He will mainly contribute to the development and implementation of the software toolbox for the automatic rejection of artifact in the dry electrodes EEG signals.


Jens Haueisen

Prof. Jens Haueisen, PhD, Head of BMTI, is an internationally recognised specialist in the field of signal analysis and source localization in brain and heart. He is a member of internationally highly recognized advisory boards within the academic world of biomedical engineering.

Uwe Graichen

Dr. Uwe Graichen (Post-doc researcher) : is a computer scientist, his areas of expertise are medical signal and image processing, harmonic analysis irregularly structured data and spatial analysis of EEG data.

Patrique Fiedler

Patrique Fiedler (PhD student): Electrical engineer at the Ilmenau University of Technology. His main research interests are on biomedical signal analysis and EEG electrodes. Furthermore, his research interests include novel dry sensors for biosignal acquisition with focus on polymer and textile based electrodes for electroencephalography and electrocardiography.

Łukasz Piątek

Dr. Łukasz Piątek (Post-doc researcher): will support the development of a novel circuit and PCB for pre-amplification at each electrode. This task will start after the electrode design and material research.

Stefanie Freitag

Stefanie Freitag (PhD student) is a biomedical engineer at the Ilmenau University of Technology. Her research focus is on biomedical signal analysis and low-power electrical stimulation. Moreover, she works on alternate electrode systems including textile based electrodes for electrophysiological stimulation and measurement.

Steffen Rieger

Steffen Rieger (PhD student) is an electrical engineer specialized in biomedical engineering. His fields of work include biosignal and image processing as well as hardware-related implementation of real-time signal processing algorithms.


Frank Zanow

Dr. Frank Zanow, PhD (Product Management), is an Electrical Engineer expert in the application of advanced MRI based modeling techniques in the analysis of EEG and MEG data, and in the development of new techniques in the analysis of cognitive MEG data.

Lars Matthau

Dr. Lars Matthäus, PhD, is Senior Developer and Head of Engineering at EEM, is expert in development activities with focus on systems integration, scientific method development, robotics and software.

Bram van de Laar

Dr. Bram van de Laar, PhD, is an Application Specialist expert in EEG-based Brain-Computer Interfaces, EEG research in humans and in the validation of EEG signal quality. He will cover the position of ER3, recruited at eemagine Medical Imaging Solutions GmbH, Germany, for 18 months starting in July 2014. He will contribute to WP3, WP4 and WP5


Carlos Fonseca

Prof. Carlos Fonseca, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Electrochemistry specialized in biomaterials and biomedical electrode technology.

Paulo Pedrosa

Dr. Paulo Pedrosa, PhD, his main area of research is on materials development aiming the biomedical sensor development.

Kumaran Vediappan

Dr. Kumaran Vediappan (Post-doc researcher): will contribute to the assessment of the electrode active nano-coatings in terms of electric/electrochemical response for EEG.

Beatriz Vasconcelos

Beatriz Vasconcelos received her M.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering from Universidade do Porto (Portugal) in 2013. She has been working as a researcher at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto since 2014 focusing in polymers such as rubber. Currently she investigates the use of electroless plating for the coating of biomaterials used as dry electrodes in biosignal acquisition.

Villa Serena

Lucia Velluto

Dr. Lucia Velluto, PhD, neurologist, is expert in polysomnography, conventional EEG, cognitive disorder and adult epilepsy. She regularly supervises MDs in neurology and polysomnography.

Lorenzo Schinaia

Dr. Lorenzo Schinaia, PhD, is expert in the acquisition and analysis of kinematic and high resolution EEG data in neurological patients using a prototype system combining robotics, Virtual Reality and EEG.