UPorto fair 2017 of the Universidade do Porto, Portugal

Partner: UPORTO || 20th-23rd April 2017

This activity took place on April 20th to April 23rd 2017 and was carried out in the framework of the 15th fair of the Universidade do Porto. Members of the project presented the most recent prototypes and results of the ANDREA project. Live demonstration on electroencephalography were performed using the first-generation electrode, cap and amplifier prototypes of the ANDREA project. Differences and advantages of the novel dry electrodes were discussed and compared to conventional wet cap systems. Furthermore, the ANDREA project and its international and inter-disciplinary consortium was highlighted as an example research project at the Faculty of Engineering and specifically the Department for Metallurgy and Materials. The presentations included online EEG acquisition and discussions with multiple groups of 3-5 persons each. The audience included future students, current students, parents and employees of the university. The dry electrode prototypes and the performed live demonstrations provided a realistic impression of EEG and neurosciences in general.

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