Third ANDREA Training Course

20 Aug 2015

The third ANDREA Training Course has taken place within the framework of the International Summer School in Biomedical Engineering – New Instrumentation for brain measurements and stimulation – held in Wittenberg, Germany, on 16-28 August 2015 (click here to go into the external link). The main objective (program) of the International Summer School was to provide in depth education on new technical developments in modalities to measure and stimulate neuronal activity and the related challenges in their applications, covering both theoretical foundations and practical applications in research in clinical practice. It aims at a thorough understanding of the underlying mechanisms and thus will develop a critical view on current applications and possible future developments. 
The ANDREA Training Course contributed to the school with a workshop dedicated to “Cutting edge techniques in EEG”, during which a thorough introduction to the Dry Electrode technologies has been provided, as well as an introduction to dedicated analytical methods to pre-process EEG signals acquired with the novel electrodes/EEG systems. The ANDREA Training Course also included a workshop dedicated to the management of projects dedicated to the development of novel instrumentation, and to standardization and research methodology issues encountered during the implementation of this type of projects. The audience was composed of about 30 researchers from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Island, Cuba and Malaysia.