First Supervisory Board Meeting

2 Sep 2014

The 1st Supervisory Board Meeting of the ANDREA Project was held on Sept 2nd, 2014, in Berlin, Germany, at partner EEM. The scientists in charge of all partners, a member of the External Advisory Board, and other staff members of the network partners participated in the meeting.
At first, the Minutes of the Kick-off Meeting (29 Jan 2014) were approved, then the overall progress of the project was evaluated: the RTD results achieved during the first 8 months of the project, the Transfer of Knowledge activities (including secondments and visits), the recruitment of experienced researchers from outside the network, the Outreach activities and the management of the project.
Next, plans were made to organize the research activities and the secondments scheduled during months 9-14 of the project, the recruitment of another experienced researchers from outside the network, the preparation of the second ANDREA Training Course (to be held in January 2015 – Lead participant EEM),  the outreach activities, the yearly internal reports for the first Progress Report to the REA, and finally the organization of the next Supervisory Board meeting (in January 2015).
The scientific discussion was focused on the selection of the best material for the substrate of the dry electrodes, on the best modality for the manufacturing of the caps and access to complete systems for the first  validation phase starting at month 20, and on Publications, Patents and Exploitable Foreground for inclusion in the Participant Portal.
Finally, the PC reminded that the next SB meeting is scheduled on the occasion of the second ANDREA Training Course, to be held on Jan 21, 2015, on the occasion of the 24th Burgundy Neuromeeting organized by ANT, a sister company of partner EEM.  

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