“Semana Profissão Engenheiro” of the FEUP, Portugal

Partner: UPORTO || 9-11 March 2015

This activity took place from the 9-11th March 2015 and it was carried out in the framework of the “Semana Profissão Engenheiro” of the Faculty of Engineering of Porto University.  A poster was prepared to explain the basics of electroencephalography, the goals of the ANDREA project and the impact of the device to be developed from the social and medical points of view.   The presentation of the project was made for 5 groups of about 12-15 students, aged 13-17 years old. The general impression was that the students understood the impact that the new device will bring to the application of the electroencephalography technique. It would have been important to have a device to make more clear the explanations that were provided. At this stage it was (obviously) impossible to have the device but the silver coated multi-pin polyurethane electrodes were shown to the students, as well as the silver/silver chloride electrodes and electrode pastes. Two people were in charge of presenting the ANDREA project, namely Carlos Fonseca and Paulo Pedrosa, both making part of the project team.