Second ANDREA Training Course

21 Jan 2015

The second ANDREA Training Course (download the programme here) was held on January 21st, 2015 on the occasion of the 24th Burgundy Neuromeeting, Beaune, France organized by ANT, a sister company of partner EEM. The workshop was attended by 41 participants external to the ANDREA network. After a presentation of the ANDREA project (Silvia Comani BIND-UdA), scientific presentations the process of developing the multi-pin electrodes and their features were presented by partners UPORTO (Carlos Fonseca), TUIL (Jens Haueisen and Patrique Fiedler) and EEM (Frank Zanow). En suite, a practical hands-on session took place, during which examples from previous EEG / ERP and BCI studies have also been presented, and a variety of applications areas have been discussed to learn how the novel multi-pin dry electrodes can be used in today’s research. The participants were invited to use the cap by themselves in a few small experiments to gain first-hand experience with this new technology. Some time was dedicated to discussions about signal quality and artifact correction.