logo-CERVELLO7Materials for sensors, Neuroimaging and computational neuroscience, Signal processing.

  Multichannel electroencephalography (EEG) is a well-established method for investigating the function of the human brain, but, despite continuous advancements in signal amplification and data processing, difficult and error-prone signal acquisition on the head surface is still a major issue limiting its employment in basic and clinical research. The ANDREA project will develop a novel dry electrode EEG system with adjustable cap network provided with an automated sensor positioning mechanism, active preamplification and a SW toolbox for artefacts removal. The novel technologies address the requirements of high signal quality and reliability, mobility, high patient/subject comfort and long-term use, and will be validated in clinical and non clinical populations to produce a prototype optimized for broad EEG employment. To achieve these objectives, the ANDREA consortium 1) merges the complementary expertise and resources in biomedical engineering, material science, biomedical signal processing, neuroscience and clinical neurology available at 3 academic and 2 commercial (industry and health) partners from 3 EU countries, and 2) realizes an extensive intersectoral transfer of knowledge through staff exchange, training courses, schools, and the recruitment of experienced researchers with supplementary expertise from outside the consortium. The international mobility and the planned dissemination/outreach activities will contribute to the sharing of different cultures and knowledge with the scientific community, and to promote a broader communication on the importance of research in biomedical engineering to the society at large. The tight scientific collaboration and the transfer of knowledge among partners will enhance the research capacity and competitiveness of the ANDREA consortium, which will become a permanent EU research network promoting health technology in Europe, with great benefits for the European biomedical industries, health care systems and societies.