Lars Matthäus at UPORTO

from: EEM || March 2015

The secondment of Lars Matthäus took place from March 23 until April 22, 2015 from eemagine Medical Imaging Solutions GmbH (Industry, Berlin, Germany) to University of Porto (Academic partner, Porto, Portugal). Work package 1 of the ANDREA project was worked at during the time in Porto, specifically the optimization of the metallic coating of the electrodes and coating performance measures.
Dr. Matthäus continued with his previous work task to electrochemically characterize the properties of electrode samples. He worked on the experimental setup to acquire valid data and ran the actual experiments. Performance of different samples under mechanical stress (bending of the polymer) was obtained from these experiments. Furthermore, electrochemical test data were collected and summarized. The fabrication technology for industrial production of the dry sensors was discussed in more detail. The mechanical tolerance parameters of the material and its testability in production ware brought up. Also, the soldering quality of the metallization and its testability were evaluated. This was discussed in order to prepare production of electrodes on a larger scale and outside the university. Lars Matthäus acquired detailed technical and practical knowledge about the electrochemical characterization in material science and about data analysis techniques.
Dr. Matthäus also provided and updated information to the hosting institute (Dr. Fonseca attending) about quality management and quality assurance procedures that have to be followed in medical manufacturing and are currently in place at eemagine GmbH.

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