Jens Haueisen at Villa Serena

from: TUIL || May 2016

The secondment of Prof. Jens Haueisen (partner TUIL, Academia, Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany) takes place in May 2016 at partner Villa Serena (Industry, Città S. Angelo, Pescara, Italy). During his secondment, Prof. Haueisen will support the validation of the performance of the first ANDREA demonstrator in neurological patients with respect to the effectiveness of the developed dry electrodes, the easiness of the cap montage and of the EEG acquisitions. Prof. Haueisen will contribute with his expertise in dry electrodes and methods for signal quality assessment, while gaining knowledge about EEG acquisitions in neurological patients and their treatment. Prof. Haueisen will also contribute to the definition of the best algorithms to analyze the EEG signals recorded in real clinical scenarios in order to identify current prototype limitations for this specific application and possible improvements of hardware and software components.

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