Ilmenau University of Technology, Ilmenau, Germany

Partner: TUIL || 29 April & 6 May, 2014

This activity took place on April 29th and May 6th 2014 and was carried out in the framework of lecture series “Grundlagen der medizinischen Messtechnik” (“Fundamentals of medical measurements”) in two subsequent lectures and a corresponding seminar. The lectures provided information on fundamentals of electrode technologies, aims of current and future research as well as ANDREA project results. Both, the lectures and the seminar also included live demonstrations of different electrode concepts and technologies, highlighting the distinct requirements, advantages and fields of application for all conventional and prototype electrodes. The audience of the lecture series includes students (approx. 120) in the 6th semester (average age 20-21) from different studies including biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, computer sciences and mechanical engineering.