Girl’s day at Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany

Partner: TUIL || 27th April 2017

This activity took place on April 27th 2017 and it was carried out in the framework of the “Girl’s day 2017” at the Ilmenau University of Technology. Live demonstrations on various biosignal acquisition technologies including electroencephalography and electrocardiography were performed.   The concepts and advantages of different sensor systems for bioelectric and biomagnetic signal acquisition were discussed with special focus on dry EEG. Multiple prototypes of electrodes and cap systems developed within the ANDREA project have been shown and tested within live EEG acquisition demonstrations. Impacts on current and future applications were highlighted in the context of clincial and research EEG acquisition and analysis. Opportunities for future students during undergraduate and graduate studies at TUIL and other ANDREA partners were discussed as well.   The presentations included guided lab tours and live demonstrations for two groups of 5 persons each. The audience included future students from local public highschools. To summarize, the feedback on the research and education at the BMTI was very positive.

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