Gabriella Tamburro at EEM

from: BIND-UdA || July-September 2015

The secondment of Gabriella Tamburro (partner BIND-UdA, Academia, Chieti, Italy) took place from 5 July until 4 October 2015 at partner ERMEEM (Industry, Berlin, Germany). During the time spent in Berlin she contributed to WP5 (EEM) by focusing on several aspects of the EEG acquisition and analysis software used with the dry electrode cap system: 1) the improvement of the source localization algorithms, and 2) the assessment of the integration of the pre-processing software toolbox developed at BIND-UdA (WP8). In return, she has learned how to interface a stimulation software (like E-Prime) with the EEG acquisition in the perspective of real EEG acquisitions in athletes and other populations.

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