Frank Zanow at UPORTO

from: EEM || March 2015

The secondment of Frank Zanow took place from March 23 until April 22, 2015 from eemagine Medical Imaging Solutions GmbH (Industry, Berlin, Germany) to University of Porto (Academic partner, Porto, Portugal). Work package 1 of the ANDREA project was tackled during his time in Porto, specifically the improvement of the fabrication methods for the electrode metallization and electrode coating quality checks.
The metallization process was extensively reviewed and all steps of the chemical procedure underwent improvement with regards to their technical handling. This resulted in detailed working instructions for the fabrication, which can be generalized for outsourced production in regular facilities outside a university. The sensors were made in several batches with variation of production parameters for further analysis and optimization. The sensors will be used in the validation study later this year. Frank Zanow acquired detailed technical and practical knowledge about the coating procedure, the chemical processing and processing and safety regulations in general.

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