Frank Zanow at BIND-UdA

from: EEM || February-May 2016

The secondment of Dr. Frank Zanow (partner  EEM, Industry, Berlin, Germany) takes place from February 1st until May 31st 2016 at BIND-UdA (Academia, Chieti, Italy). During part of his secondment, Dr. Frank Zanow is joined by Dr. Lars Matthäus (partner  EEM). Dr. Zanow will support the validation of the ANDREA prototype in athletes (WP6, BIND-UdA) and of the software for the correction of artifacts in dry EEG signals (WP8, BIND-UdA). He will contribute with knowledge about best methods for signal quality assessment procedures, while gaining insights in sports EEG applications. He will analyze the application of dry electrode systems in realistic scenarios in order to identify current prototype limitations and requirements for further improvements of hardware and software components.  

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