Fourth ANDREA Training Course

20 Jan 2016

The fourth ANDREA Training Course was held on January 20th, 2016 on the occasion of 25th Burgundy Neuromeeting. (Beaune, France) organized by ANT, a sister company of project partner EEM (programme). The workshop was attended by around 45 participants external to the ANDREA network, including participants from Iceland, UK, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Austria. After a keynote lecture by Prof. Ceon Ramon (University of Washington, USA), several scientific presentations on the progress of the ANDREA project (Prof. Jens Haueisen/TUIL, Martijn Schreuder/EEM), were followed by an overview presentation on EEG in social interaction studies (Jonas Chatel-Goldman/BIND) and a talk about sensible data protection (Lucia Velluto/VS). A practical hands-on session followed, during which online dry EEG acquisitions on volunteers were performed, and the progress of the last dry electrode cap prototype was discussed. Furthermore, the application of the first dry EEG post-processing (filtering, artifact detection and rejection) was demonstrated using a prototype of the implemented software pipeline. The participants were invited to use the cap to gain first-hand experience with this new technology. Some time was dedicated to discussions about status and perspectives for further advancements and applications.