Exhibition stand at the fair during IEEE EMBC 2016, Orlando, USA

Partner: EEM || 16th-20th August 2016

This outreach event took place from August 16th to August 20th 2016 and was carried out in the frame of the exhibition activities during the annual conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (IEEE EBMBC 2016). Novel dry 64 and 8 channel EEG caps and amplifiers developed within the ANDREA project were on display at the exhibition fair. The cap allows for EEG recordings without extensive preparation and is thus advancing the field of EEG significantly. The cap prototypes and the ANDREA project in general were presented by handouts, posters and demonstrations by a project representative. The background of the participants ranged from medical physicists, engineers to physicians with interests in various fields of application like neurosciences and biomedical engineering.

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