Carlos Fonseca at Villa Serena

from: UPORTO || February 2016

The secondment of Prof. Carlos Fonseca (partner UPORTO, Academia, Porto, Portugal) takes place from February 11th to March 10th 2016 at partner Villa Serena (clinical commercial partner, Pescara, Italy). Prof. Fonseca will contribute to the validation of the first multichannel cap prototype on patients during a post-stroke rehabilitation as well as on neurological patients (WP7, Villa Serena). Prof. Fonseca will also support the validation of the first multichannel cap prototype in athletes at partner BIND-UdA (WP6, BIND-UdA), at the University of Chieti-Pescara. He will further investigate methods and techniques to improve the dry electrode coatings and determine possible optimizations. Specifically, Prof. Fonseca will address and discuss issues like skin-preparation, electrode wearing effects, cap cleaning and disinfection in order to determine necessary coating improvements and/or avoidance of unsuitable cleaning agents. He will also introduce the Italian partners and the simultaneously seconded project fellows from TUIL and EEM to electrochemical influences of applied materials on the electrodes and possible measures to increase the electrode lifespan. At the same time, he will get first-hand experience in clinical application conditions and requirements as well as routine EEG acquisition and analysis.

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