Beatriz Vasconcelos at Villa Serena

from: UPORTO || October-December 2015

The secondment of Beatriz Vasconcelos (UPORTO) at Villa Serena took place from October 1st to December 31st 2015. During her secondment, she contributed to prototype tests of the ANDREA dry electrode caps in multiple volunteers and test scenarios. The tests included standard test paradigms, a first test on athletes (both performed at the BIND Center in Chieti) as well as tests on volunteering patients in the frame of a stroke rehabilitation paradigm (performed at Villa Serena). Furthermore, Beatriz Vasconcelos was introduced to the basics of EEG electrode placement, measurement preparation and different paradigms of EEG acquisition. Consequently, she was involved in the planning of the ANDREA cap validation studies (in collaboration with Lorenzo Schinaia/ Villa Serena and Gabriella Tamburro/BIND-UdA) as well as additional studies focusing on the influences of skin texture and preparation for dry electrode applications (in collaboration with Patrique Fiedler/TUIL, simultaneously seconded at Villa Serena). Miss Vasconcelos further contributed to the project with her experiences in chemical and electrochemical electrode coatings of polymer materials as well as mechanical and chemical characterization methods.

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