19th International Conference on Biomagnetism, Halifax (Canada)

Partner: TUIL || 24th August 2014

During the 19th International Conference on Biomagnetism (BIOMAG2014) held on 24-28August 2014 in Halifax (Canada), Prof. Jens Haueisen (TUIL) and Patrique Fiedler (TUIL) presented results of the ANDREA project progress, specifically dry electrode and cap developments. The BIOMAG is one of the foremost international conferences for the researchers working in the fields of biomagnetism with more than 23 topical symposia, 4 poster sessions and 5 keynote lectures with an overall number of 138 oral presentations and 392 posters in 2014. The contribution of Patrique Fiedler entitled “Rapid, Dry Multichannel Electroencephalography” (P2-047) was awarded the “Best PhD Poster Award“.